NSSBD SBX Provincials

NSSBD SBX Provincials
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March 13, 2022 all-day


In Snowboardcross (SBX), riders race down a specially designed boardercross course with banks, rollers and jumps in heats of up to four to compete for the fastest time.

The Snowboardcross Course:

Boardercross courses are typically narrow courses which are approximately one kilometre in length and have a vertical drop of 200 metres. They include many features such as banked turns, gap jumps, berms, drops and flat sections to challenge the riders’ ability to remain in control.

How Snowboardcross is Judged:

Boardercross riders race individually in timed runs for qualifications, with their best one of two runs counting.  The riders with the fastest times progress to finals where athletes race in groups of four, with the two fastest racers from each heat moving on to the next round.

Differences for Groms:

Grom riders race down the same boardercross course in individual timed runs, but do not race in multiple rider heats.  Results are determined by the riders fastest timed run.

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