NS Snowboard – Night GS

NS Snowboard – Night GS
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January 30, 2021 all-day


In Giant Slalom (GS), riders race down a course turning through a series of gates.

The Giant Slalom Course:

The Giant Slalom course consists of gates that riders must turn around. The course typically has a vertical drop between 120 and 200 metres and is 400–700 metres in length, with a minimum of 18 gates. Gates are set up with a distance of approximately 20 to 25 metres between each one.

How Giant Slalom is Judged:

Riders are timed individually each run.  Riders have two or three runs each, with their best time being used.  The fastest time wins.

Differences for Groms:

Grom riders use the same course and are timed the same as provincial riders.