Freestyle Ski NS – Slopestyle

Freestyle Ski NS – Slopestyle
August 15, 2022 admin
March 20, 2021 all-day

SANCTION:                FreestyleCanada


No inverts without proper Freestyle Canada qualificationspassport.


HOSTED BY:              MSRC/ Freestyle Club & Ski Martock


                                       Allathletes, coaches, volunteers, and parents must review the Covid-19 MedicalScreening


                                      Questions provided on the Ski Martock website and follow the 2020-2021season Covid-19


                                       Protocol. Zero tolerance mask policy.


PROTOCOL:           COVID-19, Safety and Risk Awareness – Ski Martock                                  


DATE, EVENTS:        Saturday March 20th, 2021 Slopestyle (Bestone of two runs)



ELIGIBILITY:            Freestyle Canada Club Athlete, youmust provide proof of membership upon request.


Non-FreestyleCanada members can join online on the Freestyle Canada website:


AGE CATEGORIES:  Male and Female:

                                       Open-birth years 2002 and earlier

                                       U18-birth years 2004, 2,003

                                        U16-birth years 2005, 2006

                                       U14-birth years 2008, 2007

                                       U12-birth years 2010, 2009

                                       U10-birth years 2011 and later


COMPETITION OC:                Chief of Competition – Kevin Marczak

                                                   Technical Delegate – VinceGauthier

                                                       HeadJudge – Scott Williston

                                                   Chief of Scoring – Lynn Murphy


ENTRY FEES:            $40. for event competitors U12and up. (Paymentsin Cash only)

                                    $20. for event competitors U10.  (Payments in Cash only)

 Lift tickets are available for guest competitors at acost of $25.00 (Paymentsin Cash only)




ENTRIES:                   DEADLINE: Wednesday March 17th, 2021


                                       Viaemail to Competition Secretary, LynnMurphy:



*Name of athlete, gender, date of birth.


Completed Competition Bio can be completed/submitted at theregistration desk.




FINAL REGISTRATION        SkiMartock: 8:30 – 9:00 am on the deckby the Cleve’s Store Saturday,