Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance – Level 1 Instructor Course

Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance – Level 1 Instructor Course
June 3, 2023 admin
January 8, 2021 – January 10, 2021 all-day

The CSIA Level 1 Course is designed to introduce and develop the basic skills for teaching new skiers of all ages with a focus on teaching children. Time will be spent exploring:
•    How to teach safely in the age of COVID-19
•    Collaborative Teaching Approaches and Lesson Planning
•    CSIA Technical Concepts
•    Ski Improvement
•    Guest Service and Communication Skills                        

Candidates will receive coaching on their skiing, as well as feedback on their teaching skills, with the goal of reaching the Level 1 Standard in both of these areas. They will also receive suggestions and strategies for long-term development. The successful Candidate is certified to teach first time skiers through intermediate level students.

Purpose of training

A Level 1 Certified Instructor is able to:

  • Use safe teaching practices
  • Engage and interact professionally with adults and children
  • Use basic lesson plans for beginner skiers up to linking parallel turns
  • Ski Blue runs safely in parallel, demonstrating acquisition level of CSIA Technical Principles