Canada Snowboard Riders Green – Starts

Canada Snowboard Riders Green – Starts
March 13, 2019 admin
January 12, 2019 all-day

Registration includes a full C~S membership & free registration in 3 C~S Riders events for participants 11 & younger.

Ages 8-12 – Intermediate Riders (2 or more years of riding experience and/or have completed CASI Quickride 4 in the Martock RIP)

Saturday 9:30 – 11:30
January 12 to March 2, 2019

RIDERS GREEN develops the riders basic fundamental all-mountain skills while providing exposure to the competitive aspects of snowboarding. The Program is overseen by specialized coaches who are supported by Canada Snowboard. Coaching and assessments are closely tied to each participant’s individual progress, and feedback is provided to the athletes and their parents along each step of the way.

The Canada Snowboard Riders Program is a confidence-building and skills-orientated introduction for young athletes to the sport of competitive snowboarding. The focus of the eight-week program is on developing the fundamentals required to excel in the sport’s multiple disciplines.

The program is also further enhanced by Riders Events hosted by SBNS, which combine snowboarding basics with fun and competition using a multi-discipline skills course to help develop the ABC’s for fundamental skills: Agility, Balance & Coordination. Click here for an overview of the Canada Snowboard Programs

Season Pass/Lift Ticket is Required. Season Pass NOT included