Martock Snowboard Team – Freestyle
Jan 12 all-day

Freestyle – Park 
Wednesday 6-9pm & Saturday 10am-Noon

Martock has an inspiring freestyle legacy. This program is a great next step after the Riders Program or for anyone interested in honing skills to compete in Slopestyle.

Season Pass/Lift Ticket’s are Required. Season Pass NOT included

**All programs require a minimum of four participants to run**  

Prospects / Progirls
Jan 13 all-day

A fun, social program that develops skill and confidence. Perfect for parents with children in any of our morning ski and snowboard programs and any other adult wanting to improve in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ages 18 & up – Novice to Intermediate Skiers.
Wednesday – 10am-noon or
Sunday – 9:30-11:30am

Season Pass/Lift Ticket is Required. Season Pass NOT included

**All programs require a minimum of four participants to run**  

Weekend Mult-Week Ski & Snowboard Programs Start
Jan 15 – Jan 16 all-day

Kombi KinderSki –

Burton Riglet Program –

Burton Snowboard RIP Program –  

Cleve’s Martock Kids –

Adult Ski Improvement (Sunday-only) –

Teen Snowboard RIP (Sunday-only) –  

Teen  Ski (Sunday-only) –  

Teen Snowboard (Sunday afternoons-only) –

World Snow Day (Ski Patrol)
Jan 15 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Jan 29 all-day


In Giant Slalom (GS), riders race down a course turning through a series of gates.

The Giant Slalom Course:

The Giant Slalom course consists of gates that riders must turn around. The course typically has a vertical drop between 120 and 200 metres and is 400–700 metres in length, with a minimum of 18 gates. Gates are set up with a distance of approximately 20 to 25 metres between each one.

How Giant Slalom is Judged:

Riders are timed individually each run.  Riders have two or three runs each, with their best time being used.  The fastest time wins.

Differences for Groms:

Grom riders use the same course and are timed the same as provincial riders.  

NSSBD Slopestyle
Jan 30 all-day


In Slopestyle (SS), riders ride down a course with various rails, boxes and jumps performing tricks to receive the highest score.

The Slopestyle Course:

A Slopestyle competition takes place in a resorts terrain park.  There is a mix of jump and rail features that riders hit.  A slopestyle course is split up into multiple sets of features. Each set has two or more features for the rider to choose from.  a course will have a minimum of four sets of features, two sets of rails and two sets of jumps.

How Slopestyle is Judged:

In Slopestyle there is a panel of judges that score each riders run out of 100.  Riders are scored on multiple factors including the difficulty of their tricks, their amplitude (height), their execution (if they land), their variety (not doing the same trick), and their flow. The rider gets three runs, and their best score is used.  The highest score wins.

Differences for Groms:

Grom riders may use the same course as provincial riders, or may have their own course depending on the terrain park setup of the resort.  Grom riders will generally have smaller features and will be scored more generously than provincial series riders.

Feb 7 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am
MSRC – GS Combi
Feb 12 – Feb 13 all-day
Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors – Toolbox Member Session
Feb 16 @ 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • NEW FOR 2021-22! Toolbox Session: Full-day session that will improve the group’s knowledge of skill-development exercises and tools. Groups will explore the 5 riding skills, and practice exercises that are specific to each. Suitable for Level 1 members training for the Level 2 Instructor course

  • Members are entitled to attend one free training session per season. Additional sessions are available for a fee of $50.
    • Pre-registration is required for all sessions. Use the “Schedule” tab above to find and register for a session near you. Please ensure you register before the deadline to ensure that these sessions run.