Adrenaline Divas Ride Night
Mar 12 all-day

Welcome to Adrenaline Divas Elleboard Ladies Nights

NOTE FOR OUR Friday March 12 U18 event – Registration is almost full (Tues. March 9) so please double check with us if you’re just registering, before sending payment.

With COVID, check below carefully as we’re offering 2 sets of Ride Nights this year. Our traditional Ladies Nights (19+) plus one U18 Ride Night for our younger shred crew 🙂 

Ladies Nights are for those ages 19+ who’d like a night of improvement both on hill and in the park in an all female, super fun environment. It doesn’t matter what’s on your feet – snowboard and ski’s accepted 🙂  Our U18 Ride Night will be the same idea, but for those under 18.  

These events run at Martock Ski Hill, NS.  Cost is $15.00. Payment can be made via cash the night of or e-transfer to 

​Mon. March 1, 2021 (Ladies) POSTPONED – More TBA

  (U18)   Fri. March 12, 2021 – 6:00 – 8:00 PM 

​A Snowboard NS or Freestyle Ski NS Membership is Required.
From Snowboard NS’s Return to Sport Plan 

To eliminate the need to enter the lodge as much as possible, riders will be asked to arrive ready to board, change in your car and leave their gear in their car. There will be no sharing food or water bottles. Personal equipment is to be disinfected daily after use.

NS Snowboard will be requiring all participants to use nonmedical face coverings. These nonmedical face covering must always be worn on. Once a rider is snowboarding, they can pull it down but must pull it back up when they are stopped, in lift lines and on lifts with another person. 

​Registration for events will be online only. 

Please screen using the tool below just before attending our session to keep everyone safe 🙂 

How to Register:

STEP 1;  Go to (for Snowboarders) or (ski) and purchase your general membership, this will give you the insurance you need to attend the clinic/contest and can also be used all season for any other Snowboard Nova Scotia/Freestyle Ski NS events OR Adrenaline Divas events.

STEP 2:  Fill out the form (to the right) and let us know which event you would like to attend

NS Snowboard – Night GS
Mar 13 all-day


In Giant Slalom (GS), riders race down a course turning through a series of gates.

The Giant Slalom Course:

The Giant Slalom course consists of gates that riders must turn around. The course typically has a vertical drop between 120 and 200 metres and is 400–700 metres in length, with a minimum of 18 gates. Gates are set up with a distance of approximately 20 to 25 metres between each one.

How Giant Slalom is Judged:

Riders are timed individually each run.  Riders have two or three runs each, with their best time being used.  The fastest time wins.

Differences for Groms:

Grom riders use the same course and are timed the same as provincial riders.  

NS Snowboard – Rail Jam
Mar 14 all-day


In Slopestyle (SS), riders ride down a course with various rails, boxes and jumps performing tricks to receive the highest score.

The Slopestyle Course:

A Slopestyle competition takes place in a resorts terrain park.  There is a mix of jump and rail features that riders hit.  A slopestyle course is split up into multiple sets of features. Each set has two or more features for the rider to choose from.  a course will have a minimum of four sets of features, two sets of rails and two sets of jumps.

How Slopestyle is Judged:

In Slopestyle there is a panel of judges that score each riders run out of 100.  Riders are scored on multiple factors including the difficulty of their tricks, their amplitude (height), their execution (if they land), their variety (not doing the same trick), and their flow. The rider gets three runs, and their best score is used.  The highest score wins.

Differences for Groms:

Grom riders may use the same course as provincial riders, or may have their own course depending on the terrain park setup of the resort.  Grom riders will generally have smaller features and will be scored more generously than provincial series riders.

March Break
Mar 15 – Mar 21 all-day
Freestyle Ski NS – Slopestyle
Mar 20 all-day

SANCTION:                FreestyleCanada


No inverts without proper Freestyle Canada qualificationspassport.


HOSTED BY:              MSRC/ Freestyle Club & Ski Martock


                                       Allathletes, coaches, volunteers, and parents must review the Covid-19 MedicalScreening


                                      Questions provided on the Ski Martock website and follow the 2020-2021season Covid-19


                                       Protocol. Zero tolerance mask policy.


PROTOCOL:           COVID-19, Safety and Risk Awareness – Ski Martock                                  


DATE, EVENTS:        Saturday March 20th, 2021 Slopestyle (Bestone of two runs)



ELIGIBILITY:            Freestyle Canada Club Athlete, youmust provide proof of membership upon request.


Non-FreestyleCanada members can join online on the Freestyle Canada website:


AGE CATEGORIES:  Male and Female:

                                       Open-birth years 2002 and earlier

                                       U18-birth years 2004, 2,003

                                        U16-birth years 2005, 2006

                                       U14-birth years 2008, 2007

                                       U12-birth years 2010, 2009

                                       U10-birth years 2011 and later


COMPETITION OC:                Chief of Competition – Kevin Marczak

                                                   Technical Delegate – VinceGauthier

                                                       HeadJudge – Scott Williston

                                                   Chief of Scoring – Lynn Murphy


ENTRY FEES:            $40. for event competitors U12and up. (Paymentsin Cash only)

                                    $20. for event competitors U10.  (Payments in Cash only)

 Lift tickets are available for guest competitors at acost of $25.00 (Paymentsin Cash only)




ENTRIES:                   DEADLINE: Wednesday March 17th, 2021


                                       Viaemail to Competition Secretary, LynnMurphy:



*Name of athlete, gender, date of birth.


Completed Competition Bio can be completed/submitted at theregistration desk.




FINAL REGISTRATION        SkiMartock: 8:30 – 9:00 am on the deckby the Cleve’s Store Saturday,


Tentative Last Day – Stay tuned for updates on rolling into April!
Apr 5 all-day
Oct 11 all-day
Cleve’s Lodge Sale
Oct 15 – Oct 17 all-day

Great deals on skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, helmets and clothing.

Cleve’s Lodge Sale
Oct 23 @ 9:00 am – Oct 24 @ 4:00 pm

Great deals on skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, helmets and clothing.

Nov 22 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm