Alpine NS – Entry Level Coaching Course
Jan 7 – Jan 9 all-day

Alpine Ski Nova Scotia


The Entry Level (EL) certification pathway provides new coaches with the tools to efficiently run a training session in the free ski and gate training environments for the Gliding Start or Skier Essentials skier. 

Entry level coaches understand how to plan a daily training session, set up a proper, age-appropriate training environment while considering skier safety at all times. Entry level coaches are focused on developing fundamental ski technique through use of the Snow Stars program. This certification status will allow a coach to work in a ski club or ski school and coach at an entry level ski racing program with U6 to U12 skiers. 


Individuals seeking to become ski race coaches at the Skier Essentials development stages start the coach development pathway by enrolling in an Entry level course. To enroll in an Entry Level course, you must be 16 years of age on the first day of the course. No exceptions. 

Coaches start their training by completing all the Entry Level training modules through an approved ACA-CSC course, delivered by your local PTSO.To start working with young skiers, all coaches must be a licensed registered coach in good standing. ACA-CSC Licensing Policy.

Coaches continue their entry level training and the Entry Level Coach Learning Jounral throughout their first year with a local club mentor until they are ready to take their on-snow practical coaching evaluation and become an Entry Level Certified coach. Coaches are required to complete their entry level portfolio with their local mentor and the NCCP “Make Ethical Decisions” online evaluation prior to undergoing their on-snow practical coaching evaluation. 


Once coaches are Entry Level Certified, they can progress to the Development Level training course if they are working with more advanced athletes in the Learn to Train stage of development. Coaches who are working with para-alpine ski racers are encouraged to complete their para-alpine coach certification by completing both the para-alpine eLearning and on-snow modules. Coaches who are working as head coaches at the Skiers Essentials development level are encouraged to complete the next steps of the Entry Level Advanced Certified pathway to be fully equipped to lead staff coaches and develop skiers at the Skier Essentials level. 

The Entry Level Advanced Certified training modules include fundamental sport development NCCP course work focused on developing fundamental sport development knowledge in the areas of basic program design, nutrition, physical literacy, basic mental skills and progressions to introduce movement over terrain skills in terrain parks, ski cross and the development of foundational speed skills. After completing the required NCCP multi-sport modules and ACA-CSC sport specific requirements, Entry Level Certified coaches are ready to complete a review of their annual season training progressions plan to become an Entry Level Advanced Certified coach. 

Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors – Level 1 Park Instructor Course
Jan 8 – Jan 9 all-day

Who Should Take This Course?

You should take this course if you are a Level 1 instructor with a love of freestyle snowboarding. You should have a desire to introduce new students to snowboarding in the park safely and successfully. You should also be confident and comfortable both communicating and demonstrating in front of a group.

Am I Ready?

The Park Instructor Level 1 standards require you to pass both riding and teaching evaluations. In order to help you achieve success on the course, we suggest you take the following steps in preparation, if they are available to you:

  • Spend time working as an instructor, honing your presentation and class management skills.
  • Take a session with a current CASI Park Level 1 Evaluator to get feedback on your riding ability in relation to the technical standard.

You may also take the Park 1 course as a non-testing participant. Participate in the course and improve your teaching and riding skills without participating in the exams. Non-testing participants will not receive the Park 1 certification but at the completion of the course will receive a certificate of participation.


Course $313.94/ Retest $135.03
*10% late fee added if registered after the deadline date. Taxes and lift tickets are not included in course fees.


  • Current CASI Level 1 Instructor
  • Must be fluent in either English or French
  • Able to demonstrate comfortable and safe riding skills on intermediate terrain, as well as basic terrain park features.


The CASI Park Instructor certification course is open to members with a minimum Level 1 Instructor Certification. Candidates on the course will spend time exploring snowboarding technique and teaching methods as they relate to introductory terrain park and freestyle snowboarding.

The Park Instructor course is an introductory course, designed to give successful candidates the skills necessary to introduce students to the terrain park and freestyle snowboarding safely. Progression-based teaching methods, understanding of basic freestyle techniques, as well as lesson planning and effective communication skills will be addressed. Candidates will receive coaching on their snowboarding, as well as feedback on their teaching skills, with the goal of reaching the Park Instructor standard in both of these areas. They will also receive suggestions and strategies for long-term development. The successful candidate is certified to take students into freestyle terrain, and teach introductory / basic manoeuvres on beginner terrain park features.

Course Duration:

2 days totalling a minimum of 12 hours (including evaluations).

Martock Snowboard Team – Speed
Jan 11 all-day

These programs provide higher-end coaching for snowboarders interested in competing or just becoming better riders.

Ages 12 & up – Intermediate to Advanced Riders

Speed (Superfriends) – SBX & PGS
Tuesday & Thursday – 6:30pm

Fun, skill development and a focus on going fast have made this program perfect prep for regional, provincial, national parallel slalom and/or snowboard cross racing and beyond.

Ski / Snowboard Ladies Night.
Jan 11 all-day

Head Women’s Ski Clinic –  

Burton Women’s Night –

Head Women’s Clinic

Develop your skills, build confidence & meet new friends in this social setting. Get ready to have a great time.

Ages 18 & up – Novice to Intermediate Skiers
Tuesday evenings 7-9 pm

Ages 18 & up – Novice to Advanced
Tuesday evenings 7-9 pm

Burton Women’s RIP

This program is the perfect balance of fun, social and skill development. The Women’s RIP will develop your skills to ride wherever you ride or want to ride. Our experienced instructors will show you a great time and our partner Burton Snowboards provides great swag at the end of the season social.

Season Pass/Lift Ticket is Required. Season Pass NOT included

**All programs require a minimum of four participants to run**

Adult Ski Improvement
Jan 12 all-day

A fun, social program that develops skill and confidence. Perfect for parents with children in any of our morning ski and snowboard programs and any other adult wanting to improve in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ages 18 & up – Novice to Intermediate Skiers.
Wednesday, January 6 – February 24, 2021 – 10am-noon or
Sunday, January 10 – February 28, 2021 – 9:30-11:30am

Season Pass/Lift Ticket is Required. Season Pass NOT included

**All programs require a minimum of four participants to run**

Martock Snowboard Team – Freestyle
Jan 12 all-day

Freestyle – Park 
Wednesday 6-9pm & Saturday 10am-Noon

Martock has an inspiring freestyle legacy. This program is a great next step after the Riders Program or for anyone interested in honing skills to compete in Slopestyle.

Season Pass/Lift Ticket’s are Required. Season Pass NOT included

**All programs require a minimum of four participants to run**  

Prospects / Progirls
Jan 13 all-day

A fun, social program that develops skill and confidence. Perfect for parents with children in any of our morning ski and snowboard programs and any other adult wanting to improve in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ages 18 & up – Novice to Intermediate Skiers.
Wednesday – 10am-noon or
Sunday – 9:30-11:30am

Season Pass/Lift Ticket is Required. Season Pass NOT included

**All programs require a minimum of four participants to run**  

Weekend Mult-Week Ski & Snowboard Programs Start
Jan 15 – Jan 16 all-day

Kombi KinderSki –

Burton Riglet Program –

Burton Snowboard RIP Program –  

Cleve’s Martock Kids –

Adult Ski Improvement (Sunday-only) –

Teen Snowboard RIP (Sunday-only) –  

Teen  Ski (Sunday-only) –  

Teen Snowboard (Sunday afternoons-only) –

Kinder Ski / Burton Riglet Programs Start
Jan 17 all-day

KinderSki –  
Burton Riglet –  

Kombi KinderSki

Ages 3-4 – Novice Riders (3:1 Ratio, Student to Instructor)

Skiing is a lifetime activity for the whole family no matter how young you are. The Kombi Kinderski will start your little skier off right.
Our Learning and HeadStart zones provide terrain and our instructors provide the fun and games to develop your child’s skills and a love of skiing.
Kombi knows how to keep kids warm. As our KinderSki partner, Kombi will be providing your kid with something kool to keep them warm in the kold!

Burton Riglet

Ages 3-4 – Novice Riders (3:1 Ratio, Student to Instructor)

Saturday – 9:30-10:30am or
Sunday – 9:30-10:30am or
Monday – 9:30-10:30am or Monday 4:00-5:00pm

The Burton Riglet Park, Riglet leashes and mini snowboards are the perfect tools to nurture your mini snowboarder. Our instructors will keep it educational and fun with a 3 to 1 child to teacher ratio. Burton provides grom-friendly swag to keep them busy off the snow.

Season Pass/Lift Ticket is Required. Season Pass NOT included

Jan 29 all-day


In Giant Slalom (GS), riders race down a course turning through a series of gates.

The Giant Slalom Course:

The Giant Slalom course consists of gates that riders must turn around. The course typically has a vertical drop between 120 and 200 metres and is 400–700 metres in length, with a minimum of 18 gates. Gates are set up with a distance of approximately 20 to 25 metres between each one.

How Giant Slalom is Judged:

Riders are timed individually each run.  Riders have two or three runs each, with their best time being used.  The fastest time wins.

Differences for Groms:

Grom riders use the same course and are timed the same as provincial riders.